Color Theory for the Makeup Artist

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Class Details

** This class is a Live Event **


Date of Class 08/22/2011

Class Start Time TBD

Location Elleven Salon

Understanding how color works is key to makeup application. This information-packed class will give you all the knowledge you need to perform in the exciting world of makeup! Beginners and professionals alike will benefit from this class.

Thom will provide a very in-depth lesson on the many important aspects of color theory, and how they apply to makeup artistry.
You will learn:
-Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors,
-Complementary colors,
-Color temperatures (and how to use them),
-Skin tone-specific techniques,
----And Much More,
Hands on with an industry professional!

This class is a precursor to a plethora of more advanced classes taught by Thom Surprenant.

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